Agile learning 

The iPad is a potent tool, which places a new found power in the hands of the pupil. In short, it prompts smart thinking, experimentation and inventiveness. 

The power of collaboration 

When concepts and information are shared, whether peer to peer or teacher to pupil, it produces a more intense kind of learning. Pupils bounce ideas off one another; critiquing, exploring and building on notions, as well as throwing up alternative viewpoints. There is nothing new in this concept, it’s been happening since the pyramids were built! Our DLP provides a framework to maximise this powerful aid to learning.

Risk taking

Due to their engagement in the technology, pupils are prepared to take risks, the ultimate sign of self-assurance in learning. 

Cross curricular collaboration 

The use of iPad technology will allow RGS teachers to present common ideas across different subjects, in a way that rings true with pupils.