Technology that truly engages, short and long-term

It is no surprise that pupils are excited to learn via tablet technology. They want to learn and have no fear of tools like smart phones and iPads.

Pupils feel at home with this intuitive technology, which will work hand-in-hand with traditional teaching.

Thirst to produce great work

Pupils look to raise their game when using iPads, not just because they enjoy working with the technology, but because another key influencer is at work.

As work is published, be it a blog, video, iBook or Wiki page, pupils want to get it right and impress their peers, teacher and parents. Pupils’ work becomes less disposable and more of a legacy.

Constant re-engagement

The technology allows teachers to prompt and prod in an effective way. For example, once a project is up and running, updates are automatically sent out to the class, or selected group. This is a hugely efficient way to maintain  momentum over the lifetime of each initiative. Pupils react positively to receiving these updates.