Transformational feedback

Feedback that transforms learning

The quality of feedback is acknowledged as the most effective way to teach … and it just got exponentially better. The iPad allows a more comprehensive, responsive and timely form of feedback to be given by the teacher to homework and assignments. 

Incisive assessment

If a pupil needs support, teachers can pick this up speedily and, where appropriate, parents can be engaged more readily. 

Lasting feedback 

Every bit of feedback is available, logged and stored for pupils to exploit at any time, for example during revision for external exams. Similarly, pupils can share feedback and ideas that they have stored for future reference.Increase in trust levels

Increase in trust levels

This is a slightly unexpected benefit propagated by the technology. The work carried out on tasks is so open, the pace of feedback so much swifter, that a bond of trust builds up between pupil and teacher. This creates something of a virtuous circle in the learning process.