In September 2015 the Development Office launched the 20/20 Bursary Campaign that has set the very challenging goal of delivering 20 additional bursary places at RGS by the start of the 2020 academic year.

These new bursary places are in addition to the places awarded each year from the School’s own operating budget. Currently there are 45 bursary pupils at the School some 25% of who receive 100% support for their fee payments. Adding a further 20 places will make a significant impact on both the individuals and the School itself.

From September 2016 pupils will be attending the School because of alumni support in response to the 20/20 Bursary Campaign.

The Board of Governors has a very publicly stated objective to keep school fees as low as possible to ensure Worcester’s historical city school remains as accessible as possible to all children who have the ability to thrive within its nurturing environment.

RGS fees are well below the average cost for a school of this stature but there are still many families who struggle to meet the full cost of the fees. Their sons and daughters will flourish at RGS but without bursary support to help cover the cost of the fees they simply cannot consider the School for their child.

The provision of bursaries and assisted places at RGS Worcester and The Alice Ottley School were historic features of both schools prior to the merger in 2007 so this is the continuation of a long embedded practice that reflects the ethos of the School today.