Your child’s happiness and sense of security form the platform on which everything else at RGS The Grange is built. Pupils flourish in an environment where cared for by dedicated staff, they can be central to all we do and where they can be happy and confident. In our experience, this sense of well being normally leads on to success.

Small class sizes where every child’s needs are catered for, excellent pastoral care and a school where ‘happy children succeed’

Our key approach to pastoral care is to put your child’s happiness above all else. Having responsibility for children is not only about providing a good education but also about building a community that enables boys and girls to develop into mature young adults who have the courage to live by sound moral, social and spiritual values.

Learning to take responsibility is an important part of the pastoral life at school. We promote it energetically. Together with this, we encourage lifelong friendships and a chance to belong to an extended family, sharing and celebrating success academically, artistically and on the sports field.  This is achieved by the extremely close relationship between staff and pupils, built on the staff’s detailed knowledge of each individual.

A pupil’s personal, social and emotional needs are supported throughout the school by her or his form teacher who acts as the first port of call for parents. Form teachers are supported by the appropriate Head of Year/Section, School Nurse, Pastoral Deputy Head and the Headmaster.

Through excellent lines of communication and careful monitoring of pastoral systems, the school is effective in promoting excellent behaviour standards and moral value in accordance with its aims.

The above quote was identified by our ISI Inspection in March 2015.