Year Two visit Sudeley Castle

On Tuesday Year Two spent the day bringing ‘History to Life’ at Sudeley Castle. Enthusiastic children boarded the coach ready for our journey to Winchcombe, and it was wonderful to hear the excitement as one little voice shared their delight at spotting the Sudeley Castle signpost.

Upon arrival, our guide, Kirsty, greeted us. The children were enthusiastic throughout the tour and impressed the staff as well as their teachers, with their knowledge of castles. The children were keen to ask questions and were incredibly eager to explore.

The children learnt lots of facts about the castle, as well as how the knights would have battled to protect the castle. (Ask the children about the spiral staircase!)  As you can imagine, the children thoroughly enjoyed re-enacting an attack on the castle!  As the tour continued, they found out interesting facts about Henry VIII, his six wives and his time at Sudeley Castle with Katherine Parr.  Upon exiting the Castle, the children crept into the Church and were lucky enough to visit Katherine Parr’s tomb. Our final stop before lunch was the pheasantry, where everyone was delighted to see a wide array of endangered pheasants from all around the world.

After a lovely lunch stop in the café, we were ready to sketch castle ruins under the expert guidance of Miss Lee. They sat peacefully observing the ruins of the great hall and created some lovely pencil sketches of the impressive sight that was before them.  Time flies when you are having fun and this was certainly the case on Tuesday.  Before we departed from the castle, the children had one last treat in store… The Adventure Playground! This was a playground like no other and upon seeing it, everyone could not believe what they saw before them and were delighted to run off and play. The children loved playing together on the gigantic wooden castle and it was a perfect end to an incredible day!

What a wonderful day it was at Sudeley Castle! The Year Two children were a pleasure to take on this trip and we are very proud of each and every one of them! A memorable day, for both staff and children!