Worcester City Sports Award Winners

Worcestershire Sports Awards at the Worcester Arena

Congratulations to the ex U11A RGS The Grange Hockey team who were nominated and won the “Award for the Best Educational Sporting Achievement “ 2015/ 16. After a Hockey season that saw them win 28 out of their 30 matches, which included winning 5 school tournaments and the National IAPS Hockey Competition, this was a final piece of well deserved recognition. The girls were lucky enough to be awarded the prize by Steve Cram CBE who had recently returned from Rio.

At the end of the event Steve spent 5 minutes talking specifically to the girls about their futures. It was great to hear someone with so much experience in coaching and elite sport identify the importance of children playing as many sports as they can at this young age rather than just picking one and putting all the pressure on that one sport.

It was a wonderful event for both children and staff to attend and one we will remember with pride as our children sat amongst a whole room of individuals and teams that had done something above and beyond the norm.