Wacky Wonderland

The wacky world of Lewis Carroll’s wonderland was the setting for the Year Six production and provided the audience with a truly memorable theatrical experience. Mrs Hobson’s vision of a performance in the round allowed the audience to become fully immersed in the story. Through innovative costume ideas and imaginative interpretation the tale of ‘Alice’ was brought to life. Add to this excellent acting and glorious singing and this was one of the most memorable of all the performances at RGS The Grange.
IMG_9705 (1)

The creative team consisted of Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Hobson, with Mrs Corrie in charge of Music. The performance also benefitted from the help of a Year 11 RGS Worcester pupil, Tabitha Bradley, who choreographed exciting routines to accompany many of the songs.

The children’s energy and commitment was faultless, and the audience were led through Wonderland, discovering fierce ladies and pig babies along the way! Every child played their part from the smallest door to the tallest table, each one bringing their own unique contribution to the performance. The final courtroom scene was magnificent with the entire company coming together to sing ‘Off with her head’, but ending up as a pack of cards!

The performance truly demonstrated what a talented group of children we have in our midst; the focus, energy and passion that was shown was extremely impressive with the audience enjoyment evident throughout. The faultless solos, delightful dances and emotive performances left staff, parents and grandparents bursting with pride.
Surely it could not have just all been a curious dream…?