All Things Wild Trip

Butterflies Trip to ‘All Things Wild’
On Wednesday the children in Butterflies had a wonderful time on their trip to ‘All Things Wild’ in Evesham.

It was a bit of a soggy day but we put on our waterproofs and braved the elements. We started our day with a trip on the land train through the amazing Land of the Dinosaurs. Then we headed inside to dry out in the Dino Barn where we saw lots of interesting skeletons and huge models of dinosaurs. We all thought that the Wooly Mammoth was the most impressive. Then we were allowed to handle the animals. They came in all shapes and sizes from the small hissing cockroach to the big bearded dragon and the scaley armadillo to the fluffy rabbit.

On our way out we met some sleepy lambs, mountaineering chicks who launched themselves over their enclosures and even a cheeky parrot who kept saying, ‘Hello.’ We think her name must have been Adele!