Sports Day Spectacular

Following many days of rain in June, no one can have missed the fact of just how lucky RGS The Grange was to have enjoyed a lovely day of Athletics whilst soaking up the sun, rather than getting soaked!

It has been a wet term like no other, but all of that was forgotten at Sports Day 2019.
All teachers were so proud of the children’s efforts during their different races. From Butterflies to Year Six it was wonderful to see children just trying their hardest and finishing with a smile. Towards the top of the school may be the smile was more of a grimace, especially after the 600m, but a minute or two later, children were back clapping and friends and peers around the track.
Goodrich can be celebrated for their efforts and team achievement in both the KS1 and Year Three and Four Sports Day where they finished in 1st place. Perowne once again, and possibly against the grain of the year, can also be celebrated for winning Year Five and Six Sports Day and overall in KS2.
Final Results     

KS1                     Year 3/4            Year 5/6
1st Goodrich      1st Goodrich      1st Perowne
2nd Perowne      2nd Perowne     2nd Goodrich
3rd  Cash              3rd Cornwall     3rd Cash
4th  Cornwall      4th Cash              4th Cornwall