Speech Day

Speech Day

Each year RGS The Grange on the last day of term, holds Speech Day, which is hosted in a marquee within the 50 acres of grounds. This year was no different and on Friday 8 July children and their families attended the event and listened to the guest speaker, Flight Lieutenant Luke Maciejewski who is a former pupil of the RGS family.


He joined RGS The Grange in 1996, which was when the school first opened and was the first boy into Year One. At this time there were only 20 pupils in the school. He went on to attend RGS Senior School and left the Sixth Form in 2009. Following a break to allow for travelling, he joined the Royal Navy as Aircrew, which has been a lifelong ambition for Luke.

During his speech Luke addressed the children and encouraged them to follow their dreams and inspirations. During his school days and whilst training in the Navy, reports had repeatedly mentioned his enthusiasm and he believes it is his enthusiasm that has helped him get to where he is today. He made everyone laugh when he said, “I am carrying out my dream job of flying and playing on a computer game in the sky!”

His career to date has involved him learning to fly the Grob Tutor and the Avenger, flying helicopters in search and rescue missions, and is currently learning to be an Airborne Warfare Officer flying the Merlin helicopter. His words during his speech and the achievements for a 25 year old certainly are inspiring to all who attended this event and the children were left empowered by his passion and love for what he is doing. Our motto here at RGS The Grange is “From little acorns great oaks grow” and this is certainly the case for Luke and he recalls planting acorns when he was with us as a pupil.

Following Luke’s speech and as part of this occasion, the House cup winner was announced. We have four Houses here at RGS The Grange and when Luke was a pupil here, he was in Cash. The winner of this year’s House Trophy was announced as Cash and Luke very kindly had brought along his House badge and donated this to the next House Captain.

Gareth Hughes, Headmaster for RGS The Grange said, “We would like to thank Luke for being this year’s guest speaker and delivering such an important and personal message to our children. Luke is a wonderful young man and his parents should be very proud of him. I would be delighted to welcome him back in the near future to be part of RGS The Grange’s 20th Anniversary celebrations.”