Peter Pan-tastic!

Each year, here at RGS The Grange our near departing Year Six pupils, put on a production, to the delight of their families, staff and fellow pupils.

This year the pupils wowed the School with their performance of ‘Peter Pan’. Since January more than fifty children have attended Production Club each Thursday evening and have been excitedly preparing for their performances. Their wonderful enthusiasm, dedication and hard work resulted in a spectacular opening night to an audience of family, friends and the new Mayor of Worcester! It truly was a whole year group collaboration with all 76 children getting involved whether it be making props, scenery or singing in the ensemble. Peter Pan fever has spread across the whole school and on the Pre-Prep playground cries of “I’m a pirate”, or “Let’s be Tinkerbell!” could be heard at playtime.

It was a wonderful celebration, and we wish all of Year Six the very best of luck!