It’s a Knockout

It's a Knockout2Mr MillardTeachers

As part of the final days at RGS The Grange for Year Six, we host It’s A Knockout.  The event is always great fun and causes many laughs and this year was no exception.  The class teachers (Mr Hodgkins, Mr Millard, Miss Willis and a late substitute for Mrs Wreghitt – Ben Hughes) led their pupils out kitted out in sleepwear.  Onesies, PJs and a lovely chenille housecoat (worn by Mr Hodgkins) all added to the enjoyment of this occasion.  The course was entertaining with slalom, water, shaving foam, cornflakes, paddling pool all adding to the obstacles for the event.  The School looked on as each child raced towards their teacher who needed to be decorated in shaving foam and cornflakes and then doused in water.  What an event!

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