Gymnastic Success!

On Wednesday, twenty-two very excited girls from Years Three to Six travelled by coach to FLICS Gymnastics to compete in their very first school gymnastics meet.

 RGS The Grange arrived first and enjoyed an energetic warm-up led by the FLICS Gymnastics coaches. King’s St Alban’s soon joined them and all of the children were eager to begin. The Year Three and Four squad started on the vault with some very impressive jumps from Fleur, Holly, Claudia and Immy. The Year Five and Six squad started with their floor routine, which all of the girls performed from memory, with poise and confidence. Izzy, Sophia, Megan and Abigail all managed to score an impressive 9.2 or above out of 10. It was then time for The Year Three and Four squad to perform their routine. All of the girls completed all aspects of the routine well and showed great support for one another. Fleur, Holly, Claudia and Lexie all scored above 9.1 with very polished performances. The Year Five and Six squad were all very impressive on the vault with some very controlled landings. Georgia and Rebecca from Year Five had some very high scores, as well as Izzy, Sophia, Abigail and Megan from Year Six. As the final results were announced, we were delighted to learn that RGS girls had placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in both age categories.

Huge congratulations to everyone who competed and to the children who secured a podium place.

 Under 11Under 9
GOLDIsobelle (RGS The Grange)Fleur (RGS The Grange)
SILVERSophia (RGS The Grange)Holly (RGS The Grange)
BRONZEAbigail (RGS The Grange)Claudia (RGS The Grange)