Debating for Year Five

On Monday Year Five travelled the short distance down to RGS Worcester for a debating workshop. The children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each wrote an account of the workshop, an example of which can be seen below.

My Debating Experience at RGSW
We all arrived in a bundle of excitement. Our lunch was delicious but unfortunately I spilt my water on all my food (oops)! Afterwards, we had a toilet break and we were finally ready for the debating to commence.
Firstly, we were introduced to Miss Waller. She explained to us all how debating worked down to the last detail, so you can probably guess we didn’t have any questions after that. Let me break it down for you in 1-2 sentences. There are 4 positions: the Opposition, the Proposition, the Chairman and the Timekeeper. Some or most oppositions fight against something that they actually believe because they have no choice, but on the other hand it gives you empathy and the ability to have an open mind. Eventually the actual debate started, it was all very interesting and structured very well. I was very impressed and hoped I could do that if I practised enough.
A while later, after the debate, we had to get into groups of 5 and a senior. I was in a group with Sydney, Jaimie, Izzy and Katy, our senior was Isobel (Izzy). We were set loads of fun games related to debating. I loved them all, but my favourite was probably the game ‘Suddenly’. To play it, you have to start with an interesting story starter and end it with the word ‘suddenly’ which is the queue for the next person to carry it on… ends as soon as the story ends.
So that is my recount of the debate. It has been an amazing experience and has got me really excited to go to RGSW!
Mollie Delahay 5B