Ashmolean Museum for Year Three

Ashmolean Museum

This Wednesday, Year Three hunted for Ancient Egyptian artefacts at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The children were tasked with collecting information about a variety of artefacts, so they could write an information booklet in English. Many of the children diligently went around the cases searching for interesting artefacts to include in their guides. We spotted hieroglyphs, which some of us could translate.

We were very good at walking like Egyptians, taking our inspiration from the carvings on the Shrine of King Taharqa. Evidence of everyday things that we still use in modern times is amazing, for example: combs, eyeshadow, board games, marbles, bracelets, armlets, vases, necklaces and even a colander. However, some inventions like the headrest did not look as comfortable as our modern pillows. We even found a mummified crocodile about the size of the Notsobig One from our English story by Roald Dahl!