Spectacular Science

Yesterday 14 children in Years Four to Six had the exciting opportunity to experience the Cheltenham Science Festival. The anticipation on the bus ride down was easy to see as the children discussed all the amazing things they might get to see and experience.

The day started in the ‘Makers Shack’, where the children experienced 3D printing first hand, programming of Lego models, the making of comets using dry ice and understanding how the creative industry assists the medical profession. As the staff walked around it was easy to see how gripped the children were, they were completely immersed in whatever they were doing! Following a quick lunch there was more to see in the ‘Discovery Zone’, code breaking, hygiene and energy were the themes here, and once again the children displayed their sense of intrigue, asking the stall holders all sorts of insightful questions. 

The main event was the ‘Energise’ presentation by the fantastic James Gallagher, who had hundreds of excited children eating out of the palm of his hand. The theme was energy and the various forms that energy can be found in; a particular highlight was the blowing up of balloon and a loud explosion. Finally we had the chance to explore the festival grounds for some of the free events. The children saw the Bloodhound car (which is attempting to break the land speed record by hitting over 1000mph!), and explored virtual reality and electricity in the EDF tent.

It truly was a fantastic day, enjoyed by staff and children alike; the journey home was buzzing with stories of their day and the things that they had done.