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Teaching and Learning

At RGS The Grange we believe that children should be happy and successful. We aim to create a caring, secure and friendly environment where every child can flourish into happy, confident, young people.

From their very first day at RGS The Grange, we teach our children to embrace every aspect of their learning, to have a go at everything, to face challenges, to work with others and to make discoveries about the world and the people around them.

We aim to make the decisive difference in the development of happy and successful children and, at RGS The Grange, we have the experience, the facilities, the staff and the confidence to do just that.  While academic performance is of course at the heart of our school life we ensure that the environment that we create is caring, friendly and fun.  

We help our pupils to learn to be resilient and kind. There is an air of mutual respect between pupils and teachers. These qualities, together with an understanding of the values of persistence and of knowing when to seek help, lead to the firm establishment of a platform for successful, life-long learners.

Our gifted and talented children are stretched in a number of ways. We have an enrichment afternoon each week for children in Years Four, Five and Six. This allows for Philosophy, Reasoning, Team Building, Debating and Thinking Skills to be covered, alongside Drama, Cookery, Forest School and Textiles. Links with the Senior School mean that our pupils can be extended and challenged via joint ventures, links with older pupils and specialist teachers.

When children join us at the age of two we are non-selective but from Year Two upwards we assess children prior to offering a place. We therefore cater for a wide range of learners. Beyond the individual attention to be found in the classroom, our Learning Development Teacher offers a graduated response to those children who may be facing difficulties or finding some areas of the curriculum challenging. Intervention groups and individual strategies are adopted to suit each child. One-to-one lessons are offered if a child continues to struggle, with an additional charge being made for these sessions.

Since my son joined RGS The Grange he is a content and happy boy. His learning and capability has exceeded our expectations and we are very happy we chose this school.

Award winning careers

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Award winning careers

Read the Headmaster\’s article on Careers provision at RGS
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