Year Two Lead Harvest Celebrations

On Friday 26 October, Year Two led our school Harvest Festival with a healthy food theme. Everyone said their words clearly, sang the songs beautifully, waved their Rainbow sticks enthusiastically and delivered the message of thanks for all the wonderful food around us.  The Reverend Johnson reminded us how lucky we are with the variety of food we have to choose from when we go shopping.  Well done everyone for a wonderful Harvest Festival service. 

Year Six then delivered the harvest festival foods to the residents of St Oswald’s. The food we had spare went to the Women’s Refuge.
 First we had to empty the boxes which everybody in school had brought in, then we put the food into separate groups. After that we ran around with boxes and bags and we filled them up with items from each group. We also had two couple boxes. We then walked over to St Oswald’s and were greeted by the Warden. She told us to come with her to see the lovely residents of St. Oswald’s. The Warden took us to their homes and knocked on the doors. They gave us a polite hello and we gave them a box each and in return some gave us some sweets. One of the ladies invited me in and gave me a hug.

This was a true privilege to see the smiles on their faces.

Report by Kitty and Lola