Year Six Visit to London

London visit for RGS year 6 pupils!

Below is a written account by our Year Six Pupils following their visit to London.

On 25 March 2019 all of Year Six went to London to visit the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

After we went through security we entered a huge, beautiful garden and then headed through to the Houses of Parliament where we met our tour guides. This is where our journey began.

Parliament –¬†Once we had all gone through security we went into Westminster Hall.

Did you know Westminster Hall is one of the parts of Parliament that was not rebuilt? In Westminster Hall, we were greeted by Robin Walker the MP for Worcester. We asked him quite a few questions and had some great answers.

After we met Robin Walker we were taken on a tour by three tour guides, their names were Torrin, Fran and Lauchlan. 

First, we walked to the Houses of Parliament central lobby where MPs stand and wait to enter. Then we went to the voting lobby. This is where the MPs wait before walking through a booth to vote after a debate. They have to nod to the clerk and also have to go through in alphabetical order. Once we had gone through the booth we went into the House of Commons. We walked in between some of the rows of seats. The seats were a green colour. The tour guide told us about where certain people sit, for example, Theresa May.

After we had been through the House of Commons we went to the House of Lords. When we went in we noticed straight away how much fancier it was. Instead of green seats, it had red seats and a gold throne for the Queen!

On the throne there were two angels made from pure gold, the rest of it was covered in gold leaf. In the House of Lords, they told us about Black Rod. After this they took us to where the Queen would enter. She would come up some steps covered in a blue carpet. After she gets to the top of the stairs she goes into a robing room where she collects her beautiful crown and robes.

Finally, we went back to Westminster Hall and said goodbye to our wonderful tour guides.