Year Four Head for the Rain Forest

On Friday Year Four bravely set off in the freezing cold to head to warmer climes – the Rainforest! Fortunately we didn’t have to travel too far as we found a tropical oasis at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. When we arrived James, our instructor for the day, told us all about rainforests around the world and showed us enormous seeds and plants that are found in these areas. We were then very excited to have the chance to hold some rainforest creatures including snakes and dragons. After lunch we put on our explorer’s hats, picked up our backpacks and set off into the Tropical Glasshouse. We used the clues in the backpacks to find a range of tropical plants that are familiar and not so familiar to us. The day ended with great excitement as James presented us with two Stick Insects (Steve and Tony) to bring back to school.