Year Five and Six Chez Chateau de Chanteraine

Last week Year Five and Six set off on the inaugural French residential trip. The day started early and there were a few sleepy faces as we climbed aboard the coach. There was great excitement as the coach drove into the carriage on the Eurotunnel train and we had an impromptu geography lesson to explain why we couldn’t see fish out of the train window. Our first stop in France was to visit the Nautica Aquarium before we finally arrived at the Chateau and quickly settled into our dorms. On Tuesday morning we partook of our first French breakfast and particularly enjoyed drinking hot chocolate from a bowl before setting off for the Medieval City of Rouen. On Wednesday we stepped back 100 years to visit some of the significant Somme memorials. The facts and figures of casualties were almost beyond understanding and the children showed great respect and interest in the sites we visited. Thursday was forecast to be stormy which was disappointing as we were off to the beach. Fortunately, the forecasters got it wrong and it was beautifully sunny for our paddling and rock hunting followed by croissant making. That evening the children got the chance to try frogs legs and snails and most of them had a taste. The same could not be said of the adults…  All too soon it was Friday and time to come home with one last chance to spend some Euros at a French market. Everyone arrived home tired but having had a very worthwhile experience.

‘My favourite part of the week was visiting the beach and climbing. I DID NOT like the snails.’ – Abigail.

‘I really enjoyed visiting the memorials because it was a very moving and exciting day.’ – Martha H