In RE, Year One have been learning all about Shabbat. As part of this learning, we were very lucky on Wednesday, when Mr Griffin joined us to teach us how to make special Challah bread, which is the bread shared during a Jewish Shabbat meal. Mr Griffin made the dough with us, where we learnt all about the job of yeast. We then waited a couple of hours and were amazed to see how much the dough had expanded. Next, we weighed the dough out into six equal sections, rolled each section out and joined them together in a very clever plait! After that, we glazed the plaited dough with a free-range egg from Miss Hodgkins’ hens! The final stage was to leave it to rise a little longer and then bake it in the oven for 40 minutes. Once cooled, we were finally able to taste our challah bread, which was yummy! A huge thank you to Mr Griffin for spending time with us sharing his expertise in bread making!