Letters from Sierra Leone

During a Year 6 PSHE lesson last term the children learnt about Holocaust Memorial Day which this year focused on letters. The pupils were encouraged to write a letter to someone, anyone in fact that they thought might like to receive one. Mila chose to write to pupils at a school in Sierra Leone that her stepfather had visited. Getting mail to and from a country like this is not easy and Mila was amazed and delighted to receive not just one reply but many. Discussions within the class revealed that none of us really knew much about the country and this week were delighted to welcome Mila’s stepfather in to tell us about life there. The children were fascinated by the stories of the lives of families there, the difficulties they face and the reasons why life is as it is. One of the things that is really important to the people of Western Africa is being able to communicate with others around the world. To that end, next week we will be writing back to the children at the school and hope to be able to continue to learn about their country in the months to come.