Healthy Mind and Body Day

Last Friday the whole of Springfield took part in our Healthy Mind and Body Day. It was a fun filled, action packed day from start to finish.  We went straight into a whole school cheerleading warm up to start our day. Staff and children jumped and shimmied around the astro-turf, some shaking pom-poms led by the very capable Miss Edwards. Following this the children were split into mixed age groups and took part in circuits. Everyone joined in brilliantly and felt sufficiently warmed up.

Suzanne had made us a healthy flapjack for break so that we were refuelled sufficiently to take part in our workshops. Over the course of the day children took part in 4 out of 8 available workshops: Zen Colouring, Sugar Detectives, Meditation, Cardio Tennis, Yoga, Mindfulness, Smoothie making (run by our caterers Holroyd Howe) and Kandinsky style heart art. Most workshops were run by members of staff who were able to share their expertise and passion for various activities. The kitchen fed us well at lunch time too when we had Spaghetti Bolognese with “healthy extras” followed by yoghurt and fruit compote.

The day finished with the children making a pledge as to how they would move forward and make a change in their life as a result of taking part in the day. It was interesting as they came up with so many varied ideas. Here are a few…

“I will do more yoga” Matilda, Year 1
“I will try and eat less sugar” Florry, Year 4
“I am going to try to meditate once a week” Ali Year 6