Going to the Zoo

On Wednesday 24 May, the Year Three and Four pupils headed to Twycross Zoo to tie-in with their creative curriculum work. We all arrived at the zoo eager to see the animals. First we entered the noisy gibbon forest where we spotted a baby gibbon clinging onto its mother. We then walked around the zoo and saw a large number of other primates from small monkeys to large gorillas. The children enjoyed seeing both the elephants and giraffes in the ‘elephant creek’. Two of the highlights of the day for many of the children were getting to walk through the lemur enclosure and feed the Lorikeets. After eating lunch, we had a workshop with the staff at Twycross leading. They had examples of different animal bones and teeth. They even brought out some animals for the children to see and discuss their diet. 

The children behaved well, asked some insightful questions and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.