Forest School Learning

Once again, we were blessed with glorious Autumn sunshine as all the children at Springfield took part in an amazing day at Forest School. Children listened to Chris Holland as he shared stories of wonder, myths and fables from around the world, all enhanced by an intriguing collection of instruments. Woodland smoke and delicious aromas filtered through the air as the children cooked pancakes, crumpets, and of course marshmallows dipped in copious amounts of chocolate. At the far end of Forest School a pottery workshop took place a large cauldron and owl sculptures are now drying ready to be fired and hung in the trees. Dave Jackson from Wildwood Coppice Crafts helped every child create a besom broom made from locally coppiced birch and hazel bound with willow. A truly magical sight had to be as the children sat astride their broomsticks encouraging them to take flight. Lunch was a delicious feast of hot dogs and scrumptious rocky road prepared by the wonderful ladies in the kitchen. Tired but very happy children left Forest School ready for a well-deserved weekend.