Dragonflies Cattle Country Adventure

The Dragonflies had the most wonderful time at Cattle Country Adventure Park this week. Despite the rain, we had a fabulous time exploring the whole park in our wellies and waterproofs. We began with a delicious snack and some soft play, where we all had fun team-building on the slides and climbing equipment. Following this, we went to meet the animals and we learnt all about lambs, calves, pigs, chickens, goats and even a friendly alpaca called Jeremy. Soon it was feeding time for the calves and with enormous bottles, we enjoyed giving them their milk, which they guzzled hungrily. The bumpy tractor ride was a particular highlight and our guide Sophie told us all about different breeds of cows. After petting some adorable four week old rabbits, we had lunch and finished with a nature trail, before sleepily piling onto the coach for our journey home.