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Prep at RGS

Prep is available at RGS The Grange, RGS Springfield and RGS Dodderhill.  This covers academically Years Three to Six at RGS The Grange and RGS Springfield, and Years Four to Eight at RGS Dodderhill. Small class sizes and specialist teaching are still a very important focus and the school day allows for the children to be more independent as well as more structured. Each child will cover Maths, English, reading, PE, Games, Technology, French, Music, Art, Science as well as specialist afternoons allowing for Humanities, Discovery and Creativity. As leaders in technology in a school environment, all pupils are required to have an iPad from Year Five.

Pupils play competitive sport from Year Three and this allows them to play both home and away matches to represent their school.

We also have residential trips annually which means that the children go away for a number of nights with their year group and experience a residential centre allowing for activities, which test their resilience and teamwork skills. 

For pupils at RGS The Grange and RGS Springfield, the Prep years will culminate with majority transitioning to RGS Worcester to continue their educational journey from Year Seven. From Year Five, the pupils will experience time at RGS Worcester, ensuring the environment is known prior to becoming a pupil here. For RGS Dodderhill girls, the journey continues and they enter into the Senior section of school from Year Nine, where they remain for their GCSEs.

Each school opens at 7.45am* until 6.00pm, which for those parents working full-time ensures your child is looked after and spends quality time with friends. The core school day is 8.30am – 3.35pm (times to slightly vary at each of the schools) and children are required to be school during this time.

The schools are able to offer Holiday Club for children, allowing for continued childcare outside of term time and this is bookable in advance and subject to availability.

*RGS Dodderhill is open from 8.00am