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Private education in Worcester with RGS

Here we cover some of the common education terms used for private education. It can be a challenge to decide what you need for your child in the stage they are and for their future.

We will cover:

Within a private or independent setting a child will enter Pre-Prep and Prep education after completing Reception year. Reception, Nursery and Preschool and Parent and baby groups fall under Early Years Education. Find out more about Nursery and Early Years Education in Worcester with RGS here.

Pre-Preparatory Schools

Pre-preparatory schools, or pre-prep schools, are typically fee-paying schools for children aged four to seven and are aimed at preparing children for preparatory school and ultimately, private independent secondary schools.

Pre-Preparatory Schools Education

In contrast to state-funded schools that are legally required to follow the National Curriculum, independent schools are able to set their own curriculum. Additionally, in pre-preparatory schools like RGS Springfield, RGS The Grange and RGS Dodderhill, class sizes are also typically much smaller compared to state-funded schools which facilitates a more personalised and child-centred style of teaching that further enhances learning and development. It is also common for pre-preparatory schools to have an extremely wide and varied range of extracurricular activities as well as state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Preparatory Schools

Preparatory schools, or prep schools, are fee-paying schools for children aged eight and, in contrast to typical primary schools, preparatory schools aim to prepare children for entry to a private independent secondary school. Most pre-preparatory schools are part of larger preparatory schools so many children tend to transition from pre-preparatory to preparatory schools within the same setting.

Preparatory Schools Education

Preparatory schools benefit from having smaller class sizes, exceptional facilities and many extracurricular activities; all of which further enhance teaching and learning for children across various subjects and interests. Preparatory schools like RGS Springfield, RGS The Grange and RGS Dodderhill can also set their own curriculum and children are taught by specialist teachers who have many years experience and knowledge in their subject. Education tends to largely focus on preparing children for the Common Entrance Examination and helping them gain entry to a private independent secondary school. By gaining entry to a private independent secondary school and the subsequent skills and knowledge this provides, children are more likely to gain a top university place.