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Digital Learning at RGSW

Young people in the early 21st century are learning in different ways; virtually all children spontaneously use digital technology for a wide variety of educational purposes, communication and entertainment.

Since September 2014, digital technology has become one of RGS Worcester’s channels of learning and iPads are now an important part of our blended learning philosophy in all three schools, helping to drive academic excellence.

The benefits of our new Digital Learning Programme are extensive and fall under five interlinked headings.

  1. Enhancement of deeper thinking skills.
  2. Motivation and engagement of pupils.
  3. Independent learning.
  4. The opportunity to do things that were previously not possible.
  5. Transformational feedback.

The use of technology does not replace a traditional RGS education. Just as the calculator replaced the slide rule and became another tool in the pencil case, so has the iPad. The calculator didn’t change the way Maths was taught, it just added enormously to the learning process. The same is true of the iPad, as it has become an important part of our blended learning philosophy.