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Since the dreadful incident of the unlawful killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA, across the globe, we have all been reminded of the fundamental importance of equality and the need for everyone to be constantly alert to prevent any form of racism and attacks on basic human rights. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign reminds us all of the fundamental importance of education and the constant battle against a lack of awareness and ignorance.

The RGS Worcester Schools are committed to tackling any form of inequality including racism and to raising of awareness in our entire community of the need for constant vigilance and action. We are very aware of the importance of educating children as global citizens: we teach about inequalities of the past in History, we teach and raise awareness of human rights in RS and we tackle difficult topics including diversity and racism in PSHCE. We take every opportunity in our assembly programmes to raise awareness through themes such as empathy, tolerance and respect and encourage the importance of communities working together. Respect is one of the key values of our Sports programme. We develop in our pupils, the courage to speak out when they sense that something is wrong and we regularly discuss the importance of respect for each individual in our community as a key component in all that we do at the RGSW Schools.

Our thanks to members of the alumni who have been in contact with RGSW about ‘de-colonising’ the curriculum as part of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign. We are very grateful for their engagement and we have responded to their letters and emails.

This is such an important issue and we look forward to involving all members of the RGSW community in reviewing what we do and how we can always do more to support equality and inclusion across the RGSW Family of Schools.

Mr John Pitt, Headmaster

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