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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The RGS Worcester Schools are fully open operating under the current guidance for schools during the Coronavirus Pandemic as laid out by the UK Government. This guidance sets out Covid-safe measures, including prioritising of social distancing, use of pupil ‘bubbles’, regular Lateral Flow Device testing for pupils and staff, as well as following the updated guidance on the use of face coverings and enhanced cleaning regimes.

The school will maintain close communication with parents and staff through the ongoing situation as ‘lockdown’ restrictions are eased locally and nationally. If you would like further information on any of our Covid-19 procedures as set out in our safe operating guidance, please get in touch.

The RGSW Family of Schools takes the safety and wellbeing of its community very seriously and we are continually monitoring the situation, to ensure we are giving everyone the most up to date information. Staff are available to support pupils and parents if they need any assistance during this difficult time.

For current guidance please visit Public Health England.

RGS Worcester – 01905 613391  RGS The Grange – 01905 451205  RGS Springfield – 01905 24999 RGS Dodderhill – 01905 778290