We realise the vital role that the food we offer at School plays in pupils’ lives as they spend so much time at School. 

We understand that school lunches are now being described as helping to enable young people to develop what some experts are calling “Food Sense”, which is described as the understanding of how our choices affect ourselves as well as our surroundings.  As such, we look to provide nutritious and appetising meals that are carefully sourced, and always with an eye to using good quality ingredients.  Furthermore, eating food in a community environment with their peers provides pupils with an opportunity for a different kind of social interaction during the busy school day.

RGS Worcester’s catering service is run by Chartwells Independent, which has an in-house, dedicated team of qualified nutritionists as part of their Head Office team, which ensures that the food that the pupils eat is right for them. Nutritionally balanced menus and food offers are in line with the Food Standard Agency’s Eatwell Plate guidelines. Chartwells also work with pupils (and their parents) with special dietary needs.RGS 2016 240

We all realise how vitally important it is that, especially during adolescence, our young people have the nutrition they need to sustain their energy levels and perform to their best both in the classroom and in the variety of activities on offer at the School. 

We are proud of the role our caterers play in this and a recent Independent Schools Catering Consultancy Inspection recognised what we offer when they reported

“We would place the standard of food at RGS in the top ten of our client portfolio”.

We work closely with the Chartwells nutritionists to ensure that the choice of food we offer and methods of cooking used provide nutritious food.  Our menus are designed to be well-balanced, are well-prepared with healthy options, known provenance and include international flavours.  We believe food should be enjoyed and so include some treats and those dishes that give a sense of “home comfort”.  Our menus each week can be viewed on the School website and we think you will agree that they provide an impressive choice.  An example of the three-week menu choice can be viewed here

RGS 2016 229

RGS Lunch Menu

Key facts about the food offered at RGS Worcester:

  • We have a fully traceable supply chain and only use authorised suppliers who have met the highest sourcing and procurement standards.
  • We operate a seasonal three-week menu cycle with separate menus for each of our three schools designed with the specific needs and preferences of the pupils being served. We are always open to suggestions, so if your children have a particular favourite you would like us to try, please do let us know.
  • For every course there is always a choice. Furthermore, at lunch pupils are encouraged to serve themselves with as much fruit, salad, bread, potatoes and vegetables as they need to satisfy their appetites. Chilled water is available before School, when breakfast is served in the Senior School and during break and lunch.  Please note there are also water fountains for pupils at various points around the School sites.
  • We only use rapeseed oil in our cooking.
  • Fresh chopped fruit is available every day.